Rumors and Leads

On this page, I will post a list of various rumors and leads for jobs and/or adventures that your characters have heard about while wandering around town. This can give you some ideas about what you might like to do after we finish with the first adventure. You can discuss among yourselves which ones interest you the most, or you can feel free to ignore them all and come up with some scheme or goals of your own…

1. The recent clashes between Blackmarsh’s two resident thieves guilds, The Jackdaws and The Gnashers, has escalated into full scale war. Local merchants and tradesmen are being pinched like a vise, as each organization tries to strong-arm them into paying protection money to fund their bloody feud. The business community has appealed to the elves and to the leaders of the temples for help but, so far, the local authorities have proved ineffectual in dealing with the situation. An alliance of concerned citizens (members of various trade guilds and independent merchants) have offered a reward of 5,000 gp to anyone who can negotiate a peace between the two warring factions, or otherwise resolve the matter.

2. The Blackmarsh Guild of Plumbers and Sewer Jacks recently reported being attacked by an albino crocodile of monstrous proportions, while performing regular maintenance on one of the sluiceways under the city. Of the six party repair crew, four were devoured whole; the remaining two guildsman (a gnome and a ratling) barely escaped with their lives to relate the tale. The sewer jacks now fear to tread into remote areas of the sewers, and the elves have offered a 2,000 gp bounty to anyone that can slay the beast and end its reign of terror.

3. Boggard raids upon overland caravans traveling to and fro between Blackmarsh and Greenton, have sharply increased in the past two months. Mathew Thanes, Captain-General of the Blackmarsh Company of Adventurers is offering wages of 250 gp to caravan guards willing to make the journey. Adventurers wishing to test their skill with spell or blade are certain to find much excitement in his employ.

4. A hastily formed union of wizard apprentices and temple acolytes have staged a protest in front of the Temple of Janus. Rumor has it that some junior members of the order are disgruntled about being made to physically labour in the rebuilding of the temple. This Union of Concerned scholars and Brethren say that the temple elders ought to use their magic to restore the structure, and that their callous unwillingness to aid in this way, is both inhibiting the recovery of the temple and needlessly exhausting its members. The rancor between the leadership and lay-members is growing, and some fear the outbreak of religious violence.

5. There is on old urban legend that Gristla, one of the Marsh Hags that dwells in the swamp, has the ability to grant wishes and that, if captured, she can be forced to grant such a wish in return for her freedom. A local farmer from Greenfield Hamlet, one Josiah Hulberg, has made it known that he will give his family heirloom- a magic item of considerable value- to anyone who can capture the hag and make her grant him his wish. He has not made it known to anyone exactly what he intends to wish for, but rumor has it that he recently lost his youngest daughter to the Wet Lung.

6. A Blackmarsh Ranger recently stumbled across the ruins of an ancient temple in a part of the swamp that was previously under water. Something caused the watery bog around the temple to drain, revealing the structure, which now squats malevolently, its slime covered walls jutting out of the muck beneath a canopy of dripping willows. The ranger claims to have recognized carvings identifying the structure as a temple of the Ostrobard deity Balor. He skirted the perimeter of the ruins and even dared to delve just beyond the yawning, moss-coated entrance- but quickly retreated after being overcome by a sensation of unnatural foreboding and by the generally foul stench of the place. There is speculation that fabulous treasures may lay long forgotten and hidden within the temples heart, but few are willing to brave the dangers of the Black Marshes to retrieve it.

7. The Legendary Funeral Barge of the Acherite prince, Ahk-Shumotehp, has been sighted recently, gliding eerily across the foggy waters of the smoking bay. Ahk-Shumotehp is said to have been cursed, forced to endlessly drift among the seas in his royal galley, until someone can free him from his fate to complete his journey to the afterlife. The one who frees him (so it is said) will win the many fabulous treasures that were buried with him- not the least of which is the mighty war galley in which he is interred; a ship said to possess many sorcerous powers.

Rumors and Leads

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