This page will be a list of individuals you have met, or whom you know by reputation from the talk around town. I’ll update the list from time to time to help you (and myself) keep everyone straight.

Tyrilas Stormglade: The acting governor of Castle Blackmarsh and its protectorate of Greenfield Hamlet, this elf lord is thought by some to be honorable, noble and even-handed. Others accuse him of being nothing more than a pawn of the elves of Grey Wood; a smooth-tongued tyrant who has been sent to subdue the most well-fortified city in the region, as a prelude to the elves invasion of the Grand Kingdom of Cammoria to the south. Few folk have had the honor of laying eyes upon the elven lord, but he is said to be handsome and refined, even by the standards of his own kind.

John Abrams: Possibly the second most powerful man in Blackmarsh, after Tyrilas Stormglade, John Abrams is a shipping Magnate and entrepreneur that has made a vast fortune through the import and export of goods to and from the Blackmarsh region. A somewhat private and reclusive man, Abrams is rarely seen himself, tending to keep himself locked away in his extravagant townhouse in Castle Blackmarsh, and acting through intermediaries. The few who have met Abrams, describe him as being handsome and surprisingly young, and a person of great charisma, confidence and razor-keen intellect.

Caswyn Vosper: A well-dressed, somewhat portly man in his late forties to early fifties. He is respectably garbed in well made merchants attire, and sports a neatly trimmed black beard that is streaked with grey. Caswyn Vosper is John Abrams right-hand man, and acts as an intermediary between Mr. Abrams and those that work for him; particularly when such interactions might reflect poorly on Abrams reputation, or when such interactions are too trivial to demand his attention (which is most of the time).

Caius Aquila: A lean, angular, sad-eyed man in his late fifties, Caius Aquila is the Prelate of the Temple of Janus and High-Magian of the Blackmarsh Guild of Mages. Caius is leading the reconstruction of the Temple after its near complete destruction, during the reign of Sardamadax. Once a brilliant Mystic Theurge who spent most of his time doing cutting edge, magical research- he now is said to spend most of his time directing the repair efforts and in personal contemplation and prayer. Some feel that the Sardamadax crisis broke him- both mentally and spiritually- and that he is no longer fit to lead the church.

Brother John Cornelius: Brother John is Caius Aquilas protege and theoretical replacement, when the time has come for the prelate to depart from this plane and enter the halls of Janus in Olympus. He is soft spoken and somewhat introverted, and occasionally naive. These qualities endear him to his brethren, but also cause some to question his credentials to take his place as the next Prelate.

Gertrude Thors-Hammer: Gertrude is the High-Priestess of the Temple of Thor, in Blackmarsh. Her temple is a popular one with the citizens, as the Thorites frequently mount expeditions of a dozen brethren, who patrol the treacherous marshes surrounding the city, clearing it of Boggards, bandits and other dangers. This is, of course, a never ending job; but one to which the Thorites take with much enthusiasm. Their heroic exploits are the stuff of legend in the cities inns and tap houses, as is their formidable leader.

Gertrude herself is an intimidating woman of pure Vassan blood, with hard, angular, much-scarred features, blazing blue eyes and an ever-present anger which smolders just beneath the surface, like the coals of a forge-fire. She is said to be over six feet tall and weigh a good twenty stone, with muscular arms as thick as any orcs, and that her enchanted war maul has split more Boggard skulls than the average Vassan has quaffed horns of mead.

Tucklebar “Tightguts” Bellybuckler: Tuck is retired halfling adventurer and the owner/proprietor of the Merry Legs Banquet Hall. Tucklebar or, “Tightguts”, as he is known to his many friends and patrons, due to his almost spherical physique, was a talented Bard in his younger days, who opened his Fest Hall in Blackmarsh when he and his companions made their fortune after plundering an ancient ruin in the depths of Blackmarsh. Now old, settled (Tuck has three pretty, young halfling wives) and gratuitously fat, he spends his time entertaining his customers and dispensing free advice to parties of young adventurers.

The Concierge: This tall, thin man has the pallor of a corpse and the personality to match. His gaze is narrow and suspicious, his expression tight and severe. The manager of the Scholars Inn in known only as the Concierge, and is the representative of the true owner of the establishment, whose identity remains a mystery. The Concierge is known for his snobbish attitude, acerbic personality and complete lack of patience; as well as his disdain for anyone who is not obviously a scholar, merchant or member of the noble class. His dislike of adventurers is particularly well known.

There is some speculation that the Concierge is not entirely human; rather, that perhaps he is some form of artificial construct akin to a highly intelligent flesh golem. Some witnesses claim to have seen the Concierge expel unruly adventuring parties, single-handed, and that cold steel and spell-blasts do little more than ruffle his hair.

Thil the Cowled: This frail, ancient human wizard is now over a century old. Once an adventurer who traveled widely with the father of “Tightguts” Bellybuckler, Thil is now long retired and runs his own magic shop, called the Emporium of the Strange and Arcane. Thil is one of the wizards who led the resistance against Sardamadax, decades ago, and he has crossed paths with the wizard Orbicritus, who discovered the old mage to be far less frail than he appears.

Mathew Thanes: A grizzled former mercenary commander of mixed Ostrobard and Vassan descent, Thanes is the owner operator of The Blackmarsh Company of Adventurers, which provides protection to overland caravans traveling through the dangerous stretch of wilderness, along the roads that run north and south through the Black Marshes. Thanes is said to be hard but fair- a man who doesn’t sugar coat the dangers of his profession, but offers good compensation for those willing to face the hazards of the road. Thanes himself sometimes leads particularly important caravans, especially if the roads have been unusually active will bandits or boggards.

The Dax Brothers: The owner/operators of Dax Brothers Outfitters, the two half-orc brothers Karg and Gorek Dax are well known in the community, and well regarded, despite their mixed heritage. This is primarily due to the high quality of the adventuring gear and equipment that they sell in their establishment. Karg is a crafty bargainer, and generally the more talkative and affable of the two. Gorek is a skilled tradesman, who says little, but makes a great deal of the stores merchandise with his own hands, and acts as a bouncer to expel anyone who causes trouble in the store.


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