Evidon Martell

Level 5 Half-elf Alchemist


Ability Scores:
Str 9 Mod -1
Dex 16 Mod 3
Con 8 Mod -1
Int 20 Mod 5
Wis 8 Mod -1
Cha 14 Mod 2

Fort 3
Ref 7
Will 0

AC: 16
Touch: 13
Flat-footed: 13

Mutagen Stat Changes:
AC: 21
Dex: 20 Dex Mod: 5
Wis: 6 Wis Mod: -2
Ref: 9
Will: -2


Bluff: 10
Craft-Alchemy: 13
Diplomacy: 10
Knowledge-Arcana: 13
Knowledge-Engineering: 13
Knowledge-Nobility: 13
Knowledge-History: 13
Linguistics: 13
Stealth: 6
Sleight of Hand: 11

Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Skill Focus
Weapon Proficiency-Repeating Crossbow
Extra Discovery-Explosive Missile

Noble Background (Knowledge Nobility as trained skill.)
Raised by Humans (Human racial feature, extra feat at 1st level.)

Bombs- 7 attack, 3d66 damage, 20ft
DC for reflex save against splash damage: 17
Splash damage 9, 4 with save
Arjuna (1 Light Repeating Crossbow)- +7 attack, 1d82 damage


Evidon of Acheron

Evidon has always had a talent for trouble. Curiosity, carelessness, and sheer fun-seeking have been the tools of this trade for as long as he has been alive. His “let’s see what happens when you push this button” philosophy would have meant his death several times over were it not opposed by a fortuitous ability to circumvent consequences. He possesses a quick-wit and a silver tongue, enabling him to lie his way out of almost any situation, and out-think his way past the many dangers he faces, most of his own making. He is truly one of the luckiest men alive, leaving him with a spirit that cannot be dampened, and a blissful ignorance of the dangers of the world.

Unbeknownst to most of his companions, Evidon is the illegitimate son of Ibidrix Martell, a high lord of Acheron, the ancient and southernmost empire. House Martell, who’s sigil depicts a scorpion with an urumi tail, is as old as the empire itself, and one of the most powerful families in the south. The Martells are a very serious bunch, who have spent centuries accumulating power within the Acheron government. They have established a long line of lords, generals, advisers, and politicians of all sorts. Needless to say, comedy is lost on this crowd, and the half-elf has always been something of an outcast from this community, his frivolous and whimsical nature escalating the tension between father and son. Of four boys, Evidon was the only half-breed, and his social inadequacies were often attributed to his elven lineage, a subject that was otherwise forbidden from discussion. The identity of his mother, the nature of his elvish ancestors, and how he came to be raised by his human father all remained a mystery.

Despite his social shortcomings, Evidon lived a life of privilege. As a bastard son and the youngest of four, very little responsibility for maintaining the family status within the elite class of acherites fell to him, and he had plenty of money with which to pursue his alchemical studies, which he demonstrated an interest and talent for at a young age. When his talent was noticed, he was sent to the best arcane university to study with the top minds in Acheron. It was here he met his partner in crime, Kenzar, another bright, magically gifted, ambitious young outcast, estranged from a powerful father. The dynamic duo had a love/hate relationship with the university faculty, who were simultaneously impressed by their natural talent for the arcane, and disgruntled by their rebellious and carefree nature. The two abandoned the classroom for “field research,” and adopted the more glamorous life of an adventurer. They haven’t returned to Acheron since.

Evidon Martell

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